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Kindle Edition of 

bade lekhak


Highlights of the Book:
The book contains comprehensive discussion on provisions of law and procedures involved in filing income-tax returns which, inter alia, include:
•obtaining permanent account number, its correction, surrender, etc.;
•introduction to e-filing website, creation of user id and steps involved in e-filing of income-tax returns;
•ITR utilities applicable to individuals;
•computation of income under various heads;
•income which do not form part of total income (exempt income);
•aggregation and clubbing of income;
•set off of losses and carry forward of losses to subsequent years for set off;
•deductions available while computing taxable income;
•payment of taxes;
•tax deduction at source on transactions of immovable properties, deposit of tax, filing of return and issue of TDS Certificate.
Various fields of applicable ITRs have been discussed in detail to provide necessary guidance to furnish information required to be given in ITR

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Paperback Edition of

rpt cover

Secrearial Guide to Related Party Transactions

A Comprehensive reference book for company secretaries and corporate professionals with suggested drafts of SOP, Policy, Minutes and Resolutions
Highlights of the Book
•identification of related parties under the Companies Act, 2013 and Accounting Standard AS-18 and Ind AS-24;
•suggested drafts of forms for obtaining information of related parties and its compilation;
•identification of related party transactions;
•approval of related party transactions;
•disclosure requirements under the Companies Act, Listing Regulations and Accounting Standards;
•Suggested draft of standard operating procedure for identification, approval and control of related party transactions;
•Suggested draft of Policy as required under the Statute;
•Suggested draft of resolutions and minutes for various types of transactions to explain implications of various inter-related provisions.

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Kindle Edition of 

insider trading book

Secretarial Guide to the SEBI (Prohibition of Insider Trading) Regulations, 2015

A Comprehensive reference book for company secretaries and corporate professionals with suggested drafts of Codes, Formats, Agreement and Resolutions
Highlights of the Book
• analysis of definitions of insider, insider trading, connected person, UPSI, etc.;
• analysis of charging provisions, communication of UPSI in due diligence process;
• suggested drafts of confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement and board resolution;
• discussion on concept of trading plan with suggested draft of trading plan;
• discussion on disclosure requirements under the Regulations;
• discussion on requirements of adoption of Codes under the Regulations;
• suggested drafts of code of fair disclosure,code of conduct for a listed entity and code of conduct for an unlisted market intermediary;
• suggested drafts of forms for obtaining information/applications from insiders;
• suggested draft of periodical report to be placed before the audit committee/board of directors;
• discussion on penalties for Insider Trading and violation of the provisions of the Regulations.

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